As always, we are interested in all videos that you have. Please post this and any other new videos that you have.

- Dr. J B

Thank you for taking one-on-one time with me on the marketing side. The group as a whole is so friendly/professional to work with. I truly appreciate you guys!!!

- B M

Everything looks great, and the patients have been enjoying the app.

- Dr. B P G

Looks perfect. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the hard work they put into get this website up and running. It looks phenomenal and finally we have an excellent product to put out there for all of our patients and customers. Thank you!

- J.S.F, MD

First of all congratulations! The Website is a great draft and looks really very good. The look and feel is exactly what we intended.

- M S

Guys, this looks fantastic! Great improvements and it's exactly what I was looking for. Great job!

- Dr. H E

Thank you very much!! You guys do a fantastic job with everything especially SEO!

- JB (Marketing Director)

Great work! Thanks for the wonderful work this year. I continue to get compliments from doctors & patients on the website's looks & utility.

- Dr. J L

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hard work. You have been very prompt and responsive to our requests, and we greatly appreciate that! We have received many compliments about the web site. Thank you for your ongoing assistance as we fine tune the web site to make it useful for our patients. All the best,

- G S

I really appreciate the work you all do for us. The team is extremely fast at all the changes that I ask for!!! Thank you all!!!

- A G

When creating a new website we were recommended YPO by one of our members. We are very happy with our new website and have received a lot of positive reactions from our members.

- K O E

We get at least 2-3 new patients a week from our website.

- Dr. A E (Houston, TX)

I have known Your Practice Online (YPO) since the last five years while developing two websites at two different workplaces in different continents. I have found the company to be very professional and responsive to the needs of the clients. The websites are developed in quick time and are aesthetically pleasing. The employees are very friendly and are quick to respond to queries and requests for updating the website. The content and the multi-media packages on the websites are outstanding and a great help in patient education.
An increasing number of patients look to the internet to choose a doctor. The websites, developed as part of the online marketing initiative, are designed in such a way that they come up on top in most online searches especially through Google. In addition, the constant "search engine optimization" (SEO) work ensures that websites developed by YPO remain on the top of most online searches. My current website has remained on top of online searches since it was developed two years ago resulting in an ever increasing traffic and queries. Many of the queries coming through the website have translated into patient consultations and this has helped me to build my surgical practice.
I am pleased to recommend YPO to any medical practitioner who is looking at developing a website and having a noticeable presence online.

- Dr. T K

I want to thank you for making the video openings bring our site to life. The feedback has been wonderful and I so appreciate you helping me on such a high note!

- MBR (Marketing Director)

It really looks wonderful! So many thanks! I love that the global map has text changes as one views...

- M W

Thanks, all! Great work.

- B K (Associate Director, Marketing Communications and Brand Management)

I would like to thank you and your team for all their hard work and support during the last two months...

- ALB (Secretary)

Thanks Your Practice Online for the excellent service in creation of our new web and membership cycle technology....

- Dr. J C

It is interesting to me that you hit my "style" first time out just by looking at the narratives I gave you!

- K M (President and CEO)

We appreciate your hard work, the website is beautiful.

- K A (Operations Manager)

Excellent start thank you keep up the great work

- M S

Awesome job! Thanks - looks good on both iPhone and Mac


We are thrilled with the results we have had with working with this company. They are a breath of fresh air - their sense of professionalism, personal availability and support is like no other. The level of dedication and responsiveness is impressive. Having direct access to project managers and administrative staff is very reassuring to the client. On a scale of 1 to 10 we give Your Practice Online a 20! Do not hesitate to have the opportunity to use their services!

- Dr. P K

I just wanted to share with everyone that we've gotten some incredibly positive feedback from patients, fellow physicians, and friends.

Really incredible job on the site! And I really like the tools you have in place, with social media, articles, reviews etc. It keeps the site fresh and "alive".

Thank you again!

- Dr. M G

The mobile site you created, with the images and menus, is extremely beautiful! Stunning!! I thank you and your team for your incredible work! It is a great pleasure working with such an excellent and well-coordinated team. I admire your dedication, professionalism, work ethic, and patience. With all of these traits, you are an outstanding team.

- Dr. G K

Fantastic new website lay out!

- H K

I am very happy with the new website which is getting very good feedback from colleagues and patients.

- Dr. M L

I'd like to say that the website looks wonderful. You've done an excellent job.

- Dr. E D

Many thanks. Fantastic service and will definitely recommend you to my colleagues

- S M

Thank you for the quick response times! I am very impressed!!

- E B

We really appreciate how quick you and your team are with the changes!

- D K

This is exactly like we want it. Thank you!!

- L C

Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job your guys have done on the new website. I have recommended your services to many of my friends and colleagues and hope they will all be using your wonderful services as well.

- A A