Survey Services

About Surveys

About Surveys

Your Practice Online offers Survey services to all our clients at no extra cost and will seamlessly integrate surveys into your website. Create your own questionnaires and metrics including graphs to help drive strategic goals and continuous improvement within your organization.

Features Include

  •  Unlimited number of questions in a survey
  •  Unlimited number of participants to a survey
  •  Multi-lingual surveys
  •  25+ different question types
  •  Anonymous and named surveys
  •  Extended and user-friendly administration interface
  •  Import and export functions to text, CSV, PDF, Microsoft Excel format
  •  Statistical and graphical analysis with export facility
  •  Easily integrates into your website
Features Include

Goals for Patient Surveys

  •  Drive Customer Loyalty

    Understand the need - what they like and what they dislike about you, your practice and staff. Knowing what keeps them coming back to you is the secret to your success. Loyalty is the magic when they start talking about you and referring you to others.

  •  Increase Patient Satisfaction

    We recommend that you focus on the interactions with staff and office procedures to avoid negative feedback on procedures or pain levels.

  •  Drive Process Efficiency and Improvement

    Ask patients their ideas and suggestions for improvement of your practice and look for patterns in their feedback. Spotting a trend can lead to process improvement and save your practice unnecessary costs while retaining current clients.

  •  Listen to Your Customers

    Patients like to be asked for their feedback and often post on social media sites when their voice is not heard. Show your patients that you care by providing them an outlet to voice their opinions within your organization.

Possible Areas of Application

Basically you can use YPO Surveys for any type of data collection and feedback.
Here are a few examples of how our users use YPO Surveys:

  •  Ordinary marketing surveys
  •  Psychological tests
  •  Customer satisfaction surveys
  •  General data collection about the staff, facilities and treatment
  •  Quality management
Possible Areas of Application